Platte Valley Mule Deer Initiative

The Wyoming Game and Fish just released a draft of the Platte Valley Mule Deer Management Plan.  It is something they started working on last year to address the declining numbers in the mule deer population in the valley.  In it the discuss things they can do to manage the population and improve habitat.  For hunters there are going to be some changes in the coming years.  Starting in 2012 they are proposing an antlered only general license and the 2013-2015 hunting seasons to become a Limited Quota structure.  After the 2015 season they can develop recommendations for future hunting seasons.  Hunters should also note future changes that could be coming to the Mountain Lion Hunting Season as well.  The Game and Fish will consider proposing for the 2013-2015 hunting seasons an increase in the mortality quota for Hunt Areas 9 & 31.  They might also increase the length of the season to yearlong.  To read a copy of the draft plan go to the Wyoming Game & Fish website at or click on the following link to read the draft they have just released

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